The Dragon Prince: Season 1 Reviews

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December 10, 2018
Stop juggling the dragon prince watch all the episode than you judge. But I love it
December 1, 2018
pretty good writing, interesting world, complex villains. just a touch of virtue signalling and identity politics, but not enough to be a turn off.
½ November 20, 2018
Excellent! A fresh new adventure story with a great cast of characters to support it. A narrative set in an interesting new world which reveals more secrets as the story progresses. While the story itself isn't anything new it's presented to the audience in a new and refreshing way that keeps us interested until the end. Another strong point are the characters. Even though only one season has passed they're already interesting characters with interesting personalities and traits, some characters are already well expanded on. Another plus in the character design is the inclusion of different people groups, thus increasing representation. While the art and the creative design are amazing in their own right I think the animation itself takes a bit of the charm away from the show, but after a few episodes even that isn't an obstacle.
All in all a very good show and would recommend it to others. Excited for season 2.
November 20, 2018
Great cast, story, and art design. I am really loving the writing and character development. The animation wasn't great, but you get used to it. Overall, awesome series and I hope it has a good run.
November 9, 2018
It's an engaging animation. I wish it wasn't as choppy (I realize that it's a design decision) and while it bothered me at first, the story is too good and the characters are too interesting to let SLIGHTLY choppy animation ruin the experience. I am looking forward to Season 2
½ November 8, 2018
Great Show. Poor Writing. 'The Dragon Prince' A solid show but lacking in depth and understanding of human interaction. With every laugh or smile the show brings, comes a stale taste left by cheesy and corny dialogue/ script that has no place in 2018 television. Great idea though, and it is a highly enjoyable watch. The artwork is incredibly attractive but limits the smoothness of the animation (ahem). The characters on offer are alright but many of the mains, notably Callum and Soren, either feel unnatural in their scenes or leave questions unanswered about their actions. Both of which distract from the plots at hand. Claudia and Ezra are very good characters in contrast. Claudia is an exceptional shot at a "bad guy" (girl) that is very loveable. Her introduction is very well veiled, and you only see later on how much can be hidden behind kind exteriors. Solid. Ezra is just a great comedic tool, and as the show geared towards a younger audience he is essential. However, many of his jokes and attempts at banter are painful to sit through, the writers were probably feelin a tad lazy knowing 'The Dragon Prince' would be a kids show. Or they just aren't that good. A great kids show that will go down in TV history for being that one new cartoon that became a seldom mentioned stepping stone for the next era of children's anime. An abundance of pioneering racial diversity distracts from mediocre writing talent. Great Show. Poor Writing
½ November 4, 2018
This show has almost everything you could ask for. An interesting world that begs to be explored, multi-faceted characters, snappy and well-written (and well-delivered) dialogue, solid pacing, and even a surprisingly competent score. The story is fairly straightforward in the first season (think Tolkien), but the entertainment comes mainly from character interactions and development, as well as the world building, rich set pieces, and impressive sense of gravity the show manages to impose at times. It's not perfect, of course. Occasionally, the dialogue feels a little stilted, and the 3D animation will feel a bit uncanny to some. But from a technical standpoint, the animation is extremely well-executed. Personally, the characters move naturally enough, and the world is beautiful enough, that the style won me over pretty quickly.
At the end of the day, if you were a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender's globe-trotting not-serious-but-also-sometimes-extremely-serious fantasy-epic style (and I lament to mention that show, as this one really should be considered a completely separate entity), this one starts strong and seems poised to deliver. If the current level of quality endures, this will surely be a very well-remembered series.
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