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October 19, 2018
This is a wonderful evolution to the series. It feels like it's taking off from around about when Tennant left. Where you have a doctor with more humanity and humility than Moffatt's doctors. It also feels a lot more like the original series in that there's this palpable excitement about visiting space, even on a planet where everything is dangerous, there's a mystery that needs to be solved and the characters are excited by it. I feel more attachment to the companions than I have in years because they have lives and stories outside of the doctor, they have needs, personalities and they are so unerringly normal. There's a moment in the second episode where Ryan is procrastinating climbing a ladder due to his illness making it more difficult. The doctor is mostly off screen and just speaks to him gently and it just struck me how much Jodie Whittaker can just easily embody the doctor, not just the wit, but the humanity and the way they always build up their companions. The original series was never about the doctor, it was about the companions and it's incredible to see that strength brought back to the show.
½ October 18, 2018
Not my Doctor. It is not because she is a woman. She lacks the caliber to act as Doctor. Someone like Tilda Swinton will nail this role. Writing didn't help either. Moffat leaving the show hurt it a lot and it shows!! I will stop seeing the show now. Cast a more capable person in the role of Doctor (hopefully another woman) and bring back original DW writers.
October 18, 2018
JW I think is not the problem here which is why I gave it one star. After watching the first two episodes, it has been a boring complete 180 of doctor who. The TARDIS has always had this unique style to it and now it feels like I am watching Superman. The Sonic screwdriver is meh. And Everytime the doctor tries to open up something it looks like a clip of Harry Potter. The directing and writing need to get back
to that feel of the doctor because right now I feel like I am watching a really bad movie with a little action to the plot. They really need to bring back some of the old writers or directors because if not I am afraid that doctor who will not last much longer.
½ October 17, 2018
Seems more like a cheesy late night SCI FI movie than Dr. Who. Won't be watching any more.
October 17, 2018
I would rather have diarrhea than watch episode 1 or 2 again.

This is utterly dreadful the worst garbage on TV
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