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Following the adventures of a time-traveling alien called "The Doctor" and companions as they deal with crises set on Earth and other worlds.

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The Ghost Monument
Doctor Who: Season 11, The Ghost Monument

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Doctor Who: Season 11, Rosa

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Critics Consensus: Carried by Jodie Whittaker's boundless energy and charm, Doctor Who's latest regeneration manages to feel fresh well into the show's 55-year tenure.

2018, BBC America, 4 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2017, BBC America, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time pays gratifying homage to the outgoing doctor while marking a thoughtful, warm, and funny passing of the torch to a new era in the franchise.

2017, BBC America, 1 episodes

Critics Consensus: "The Return of Doctor Mysterio" is a welcome return of Doctor Who after a year's absence, with the added fun of seeing Steven Moffat take a heroic swing at his version of a Superman story.

2016, BBC America, 1 episodes

Critics Consensus: Peter Capaldi and the writers have settled into an emotionally engaging tone, allowing the show to raise the stakes for the Twelfth Doctor.

2015, BBC America, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: With "The Husbands of River Song," Doctor Who delivers a Christmas special that perfectly balances silliness and heart.

2015, BBC America, 1 episodes

Critics Consensus: Like a TARDIS dropping down in a burst of excitement, Peter Capaldi adds a revitalizing blast of boldness and humor to Doctor Who's time-tested formula.

2014, BBC America, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2014, BBC America, 1 episodes


David Tennant
as Doctor Who
Catherine Tate
as Donna Noble
Freema Agyeman
as Martha Jones
John Barrowman
as Captain Jack Harkness
Matt Smith (XI)
as Doctor Who
Noel Clarke
as Mickey Smith
Simon Callow
as Charles Dickens
Jodie Whittaker
as The Doctor
Camille Coduri
as Jackie Tyler
Karen Gillan
as Amy Pond
Arthur Darvill
as Rory Williams
James Corden
as Craig Owens
Alex Kingston
as River Song
Peter Capaldi
as The Doctor
Samuel Anderson
as Danny Pink
Pearl Mackie
as Bill Potts
Matt Lucas
as Nardole
Adjoa Andoh
as Sister Jatt
Shaun Dingwall
as Pete Tyler
Derek Jacobi
as Professor Yana
Nicholas Briggs
as Daleks/Cybermen
Gugu Mbatha-Raw
as Tish Jones
Paul Kasey
as Cyber Leader
Jessica Hynes
as Joan Redfern
Reggie Yates
as Leo Jones
Danny Webb
as Mr. Jefferson
John Simm
as The Master
Elisabeth Sladen
as Sarah Jane Smith
Jo Joyner
as Lynda
Will Thorp
as Toby Zed
Ian McKellen
as Voice of the Snowman
John Simm
as The Master
David Bradley
as The Doctor
Bernard Cribbins
as Wilfred Mott
Penelope Wilton
as Harriet Jones
Andrew Hayden-Smith
as Jake Simmonds
Shaun Parkes
as Zachary Cross Flane
Mark Sheppard
as Canton Everett Delaware III
Mark A. Sheppard
as Canton Everett Delaware III
Mark Gatiss
as The Captain
Roger Lloyd-Pack
as John Lumic
Roger Lloyd Pack
as John Lumic
Trevor Laird
as Clive Jones
Tracy Ann Oberman
as Yvonne Hartman
Corey Johnson
as Henry van Statten
Richard Wilson
as Dr. Constantine
Sophia Myles
as Madame de Pompadour
Carey Mulligan
as Sally Sparrow
Ardal O'Hanlon
as Brannigan
Anne Reid
as Florence Finnegan
Dean Lennox Kelly
as Shakespeare
Michelle Collins
as Kath McDonnell
Fenella Woolgar
as Agatha Christie
Richard E. Grant
as Doctor Simeon, Dr. Simeon
Pauline Collins
as Queen Victoria
Ian McNeice
as Winston Churchill
Vinette Robinson
as Abi Lerner
Raji James
as Dr. Rajesh Singh
Eric Loren
as Mr. Diagoras
Ronny Jhutti
as Danny Bartock
Gareth David-Lloyd
as Ianto Jones
Annette Badland
as Margaret Blaine
Peter Kay
as Victor Kennedy
Anna Hope
as Novice Hame
Derek Jacobi
as Professor Yana
Mina Anwar
as Goodthing
Alan David
as Gabriel Sneed
Roy Marsden
as Mr. Stoker
Helen McCrory
as Rosanna Calvierri
Colin Prockter
as Grimy Man
Ron Cook
as Magpie
Lucy Gaskell
as Kathy Nightingale
Simon Dutton
as Alistair
Michael Brandon
as General Sanchez
Earl Perkins
as Man No. 1
Alexandra Moen
as Lucy Saxon
Tommy Knight
as Luke Smith
Gabriel Woolf
as The Beast
Jacqueline King
as Sylvia Noble
Edna Dore
as Maeve
Mark Warren
as Elton Pope
Zoë Wanamaker
as Cassandra
William Ash
as Riley Vashtee
Albert Welling
as Adolf Hitler
Nikki Amuka-Bird
as voice of the glass woman
Robert Barton
as Registrar
Thomas Sangster
as Tim Latimer
Sam Marks
as Wiggins
William Thomas
as Mr. Cleaver
Huw Rhys
as Redpath
Edna Dore
as Maeve
Jamie Foreman
as Eddie Connolly
Finlay Robertson
as Larry Nightingale
Chipo Chung
as Chantho
Ralf Little
as Steadfast
Silas Carson
as The Ood
Barnaby Edwards
as Dalek Operator
Abi Eniola
as Crosbie
Simon Pegg
as Editor
Tim Faraday
as Tom's Dad
Doña Croll
as Matron Casp
Debra Gillett
as Rita Connolly
Amanda Lawrence
as Doomfinger
Luke Perry
as Timothy Lloyd
Shirley Henderson
as Ursula Blake
Anthony Flanagan
as Orin Scannell
Richard Cant
as Malcolm Wainwright
Mali Harries
as Cathy Salt
Ellie Garnett
as Caroline
Jennifer Hill
as Mrs Peace
Stuart Milligan
as President Nixon
Nicholas Pegg
as Dalek Operator
Ian Porter
as Foreman
David Hankinson
as Dalek Operator
Elize du Toit
as Sinister Woman
Matthew Chambers
as Hal Korwin
Neil Reidman
as Lieutenant Atillo
Liz White
as Milly
Simon Greenall
as Mr. Skinner
Tom Palmer
as Hutchinson
Thelma Barlow
as Lady Thaw
Trevor White
as James Blake
Lucy Robinson
as Frau Clovis
Rory Jennings
as Tommy Connolly
Tom Palmer
as Hutchinson
Kiran Shah
as Emojibot
Aled Pedrick
as Idris Hopper
Adam McCoy
as Clive's son
Michael Obiora
as Billy Shipton
Linda Clark
as Bloodtide
Lucy O'Connell
as Olive Woman
Alan Ruscoe
as Margaret Slitheen
Helen Griffin
as Mrs. Moore
MyAnna Buring
as Scooti Manista
Paul Marc Davis
as Chieftain
Donald Sumpter
as The President
Cheryl Fergison
as Mrs. Lloyd
Wayne Cater
as Stage Manager
Don Warrington
as The President
Louis Mahoney
as Old Billy
Moya Brady
as Bridget
Margaret John
as Grandma Connolly
Gary Powell
as Dev Ashton
Tom Ward
as Captain Latimer
Richard Lothian
as Mr Steele
Zoe Thorne
as Sphere
Meic Povey
as Driver
Erica Eirian
as Neighbor
Mona Hammond
as Rita-Anne
Lauren Wilson
as Lucy Cartwright
Sam Cox
as Detective Inspector Bishop
Thomas Nelstrop
as Ben Wainwright
Tom Ellis
as Thomas Milligan
Colin Spaull
as Mr. Crane
Ken Bones
as The General
Damian Samuels
as Mr. Lloyd
Judy Holt
as Adam's Mother
Bertie Carvel
as Mysterious Man
Zoe Thorne
as The Gelth
Duncan Duff
as Newsreader
Rebecca Oldfield
as Erina Lessak
Colin Stinton
as President
Nichola McAuliffe
as Vivien Rook
John Bell
as Creet
T'Nia Miller
as Female General
Stephen Marzella
as Police Officer
Ieuan Rhys
as Crabtree
Pip Torrens
as Rocastle
Ellie Haddington
as Professor Doherty
Ben Righton
as Morganstern
Andree Bernard
as Dolly Bailey
Barbara Windsor
as Peggy Mitchell
Huw Edwards
as Commentator
Peter R. Brooke
as Man No. 2
Ray Sawyer
as Desk Sergeant
Vineeta Rishi
as Juila Swales
Bella Emberg
as Mrs. Croat
Jean Challis
as Aunty Betty
Matthew White
as Phillips
Nicholas Gecks
as Albert Dumfries
Casey Dyer
as Young Mickey
Hajaz Akram
as Indian Newsreader
Christopher Driscoll
as Security Guard
Abigail Canton
as Wiry Woman
Derek Smith
as Doorman
Derek Smith
as Doorman
Julia Joyce
as Young Rose
Nicholas Boulton
as Businessman
Marie Lewis
as Mrs. Gallagher
Erika Macleod
as Sally Calypso
Peter Bourke
as Mr. Chambers
Joe Montana
as Worker No. 1
Matt King
as Peter Streete
Anthony Debaeck
as French Newsreader
Linda Broughton
as The Woman
Vilma Hollingbery
as Mrs. Harcourt
Takako Akashi
as Japanese Newsreader
Stewart Alexander
as Worker No. 2
Paul Fields
as Weatherman
Mel Taylor
as Dock Worker
Angela Pleasence
as Queen Elizabeth
David Warwick
as Police Commissioner
Olivia Hill
as BBC Newsreader
Lucy Davenport
as Pale Woman
Tom Edden
as Pharmacist No. 1
Lachele Carl
as US Newsreader
Anthony Spargo
as Dalek Operator
Daniel Ming
as Chinese Newsreader
Natasha Williams
as Pharmacist No. 2
Gayle Telfer Stevens
as Pharmacist No. 3
Struan Rodger
as The Face of Boe
John Sandilands
as The Master (age 8)
Warwick Davis
as Porridge
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